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The method of reducing the waste rate of pumping concrete by concrete pump truck

  When the concrete pump truck is under construction, the concrete will be wasted in the process of pumping concrete, which is inevitable. But we can take some measures or make up in the construction process, so as to reduce the waste rate as much as possible.

  1. Before construction, in order to ensure that the pump truck can achieve the required technical status, reduce maintenance costs, improve the reliability and life of use, the owner will ask the site construction team for a side of mortar before pouring, but we can not pour the mortar into the cover, because the strength of the mortar obviously does not meet the building standards, so must not be small benefits of mortar into the structure. There are pump truck lubricants on the market, good adaptability to various signs of concrete, can replace all kinds of pump pipe lubrication pump mortar. At the same time, to avoid concrete pump and site mortar pump blocking accidents, reduce transport vehicles, improve the use of equipment, reduce the pre-mixed mortar brought about by the use of enterprise costs.

  2. When pouring, the concrete pump truck will stop for many reasons, such as the vibrator can not keep up with the vibration, the position is shifted, the pipe is blocked, and so on. In this case, the ash collector and the operator must work closely together, put ash speed appropriate, instant stop. Otherwise the concrete will spill over. And this kind of situation on the spot is not uncommon. Under the hopper there will be a pool of concrete, if the ash to pay attention to pay more attention, in the pumping process and operators with tacit understanding of these situations can be avoided.

  3. After construction, due to the concrete pump body, after pouring the hopper will remain about 0.3 square meters of concrete. At this time, after many times of transportation and settlement, the concrete slump is very small, that is to say, the consistency of these concrete is slightly greater than the construction of concrete mixing plant, but will not affect the strength of the concrete after hardening, still usable. Due to the difference of subjective and objective factors, in the process of concrete engineering construction, concrete and cement are often caused by hidden or explicit waste, and the hidden waste of concrete and cement will mislead the construction cost budget, thus increases the project construction cost.




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