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Concrete pump truck configuration choice is very important

  The power of concrete pump truck comes from engine. Besides the performance and quality of engine, the output power, peak torque, bearing capacity and quality of chassis should be considered. The motor power of a pump truck is the precondition to determine the outlet pressure and the conveying volume. The concrete pump truck adopts the full hydraulic technology, so we must consider whether the full hydraulic technology is advanced and how the original hydraulic quality is. In the motor power of a certain case, the increase in pressure will reduce the throughput; on the contrary, reduce the outlet pressure, will increase the throughput.

   According to the height of the conveying distance, users choose the outlet pressure, according to the capacity of mixing feed, choose the output volume range, according to the aggregate pumping concrete, choose the form of distribution valve. The suitable pipe valve accessories should be selected according to the actual needs of the project. Butterfly valve is the best adaptability to aggregate, but the reverse swing section area is large, suitable for low and medium pressure concrete pump or infrastructure construction.

  The above is the concrete pump outlet pressure to high-pressure level, if the transport volume, motor power shortage, can not be achieved at the same time. Must not be greedy, otherwise it is easy to pick up sesame lost watermelon. According to their mixing pump truck parameters, reasonable configuration. See one of the components of the concrete pump configuration, first of all is the hydraulic pump. Hydraulic pump is the“Heart” of the boom pump truck, according to the origin of points, domestic and imported hydraulic pumps; according to the structure of points, hydraulic pumps, vane pumps and plunger pumps. For the same type of hydraulic pump suitable for different pressure levels.

 Gear pump because of low cost, strong adaptability, early in the concrete pump widely used, but because of its low pressure, pulse resistance, generally configured in low-pressure pump, or only apply to medium and high pressure pump auxiliary oil system; piston pump inclined plate and inclined shaft two, has been widely used at present, because they have higher pressure adaptability. As one of the key equipment for the professional transportation of ready-mixed concrete components, pump truck can be in the roadside, pit or construction of the main side, horizontal line, pit within a certain distance of direct casting components, without any effort.




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