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A Guide to Common Concrete Pump Truck Parts and Their Functions

Concrete pump trucks are an essential part of any construction project that involves the use of concrete. These trucks are designed to transport and distribute concrete to various areas of the construction site, making the job of construction workers easier and more efficient. However, in order for a concrete pump truck to operate effectively, it must have the right parts. In this article, we will provide a guide to common concrete pump truck parts and their functions.

  1. Boom

The boom is the most recognizable part of a concrete pump truck. It is a long arm that extends from the truck and can reach high and hard-to-reach areas on the construction site. The boom is typically made of steel and can be extended or retracted as needed.

  1. Pump

The pump is the heart of the concrete pump truck. It is responsible for sucking the concrete from the hopper and pushing it through the pipeline and boom. The pump is typically powered by a hydraulic system that allows it to operate at high pressure and high volume.

  1. Hopper

The hopper is the container that holds the concrete before it is pumped through the pipeline and boom. The hopper is typically made of steel and can hold a large volume of concrete.

  1. Pipeline

The pipeline is the tube that connects the pump to the boom. It is typically made of steel or rubber and can be as long as 300 feet. The pipeline is designed to withstand the high pressure and volume of concrete being pumped through it.

  1. Pistons

The pistons are responsible for moving the concrete through the pipeline and boom. They are typically made of rubber or polyurethane and are connected to the hydraulic system that powers the pump.

  1. Valves

The valves are responsible for controlling the flow of concrete through the pump and pipeline. They are typically located at various points along the pipeline and boom and are operated by the operator.

In conclusion, a concrete pump truck is a complex machine that requires the right parts to operate effectively. The boom, pump, hopper, pipeline, pistons, and valves are some of the most important parts of a concrete pump truck. By understanding the function of these parts, construction workers can ensure that their concrete pump truck is operating at peak efficiency and productivity on the job site.



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