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Concrete pump the main role of the introduction!

  Concrete pump principle: 1. All hydraulic control reversing hydraulic system, circuit optimization design, low heat loss, system more stable. 2. S pipe valve cast high manganese steel, easy wear surface surfacing wear-resistant materials; glasses plate and cutting ring use high-hardness wear-resistant alloy, wear-resistant pressure. 3. The piston selects the import raw material, the oil cylinder seal and the key electrical component selects the import component. Four. Reasonable layout, large protection space. Careful design, economy and reliability, cost-effective.

  1, large secondary structure of fine stone pump advantages of hydraulic principle, low failure rate, high power. 

  2, can transport mortar, mortar, fine stone concrete, secondary structure column grouting materials and so on. 

  3. Use the stepless speed regulating device, transport speed and flow rate. Can be fast or slow. 

  4, can remote control switch machine, make the operation more convenient, higher power

  5. The construction project secondary structure grouting pump light weight, equipped with walking wheels, easy to move, common design, can be placed directly on the floor of the site pouring, and not subject to the pumping height constraints. 

  6. Solve the problem that it is difficult to cast the top near the bottom beam in the casting process, and ensure the smoothness and sense quality of the structural column. 

  7, suitable for super high-rise fine stone concrete transport, building the floor of the collective structure column pouring column, pumping power high, pumping system is manual construction of 10 times, so useful to improve the production power, saving labor costs. 

  8. The secondary structure grouting pump of this construction project is exquisite in appearance, small in size and light in weight. It is equipped with walking wheels, so that it is very convenient to move and even can be easily pushed by one person, this can bring great convenience for the construction, in addition to the pumping system is manual construction of 10 times, Operation Power is very high.

   9. It only needs to connect 7.5 kw electric power to enter the normal operation procedure, which is necessary for the field construction.




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