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How to prevent oil leakage of concrete mixing pump truck?

  As an important engineering machinery in our engineering construction, the concrete mixing pump truck must ensure that there is no possibility of any shutdown in the construction work, because it can not continue to work when the accident occurs suddenly in the course of the work, the concrete can not be continuously constructed after mixing, which leads to delamination, discontinuity and construction loss. Especially when it comes to oil spills, Sanmin heavy is here today to tell you how to prevent oil from leaking from the mixer. There are a few things to look out for.

 All kinds of fastening nuts on the concrete mixing pump truck must be tightened according to the regulations. Too tight and will make the hole around the metal bulge or screw thread slip caused by oil leakage, can also be too loose, will also leak. If the drain plug of the oil pan of the chassis of the concrete mixing pump truck is not tightened, it is easy to cause oil loss.

  First, in the use of the process of operation to avoid one-way valve blocking. This will cause the temperature rise in the case, oil and gas emissions can not go out, thus increasing the pressure in the case of increased oil consumption. Regular inspection, some consumables must be replaced, such as timely replacement failure oil seal, some oil seal aging and loss of elasticity. Solve all kinds of oil pipe joint sealing when disassembling or replacing parts. Often disassembly, easy to slip off the buckle and loose, resulting in oil leakage.

  Second, avoid the concrete mixing pump wheel cast oil. Concrete pump wheel bearings and cavity lubrication grease too much, poor quality and aging failure. Too frequent braking of concrete mixing pump truck results in too high hub temperature. The above are some common preventive measures, there are many scientific methods of operation and precautions.




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