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The chassis of a small concrete pump depends mainly on the power and torque of the engine

  We know that good performance of small concrete pumps also need to be well maintained, otherwise the service life will be greatly shortened. So, what is the general maintenance method of small concrete pump?

  Small concrete pumps can only be used to transport concrete. Any other use, such as lifting heavy objects, is dangerous. This needs to be clear! When lubrication, according to the corresponding requirements and methods in the maintenance manual, please refer to the lubrication table for timely full lubrication of pump components. Regular inspection of pump system water tanks, concrete boxes and concrete pipes.

  Usually, a maintenance manual is issued for the purchased pump truck. Therefore, the maintenance method of small concrete pump should meet the corresponding requirements and methods in the maintenance manual. Daily use, please check the pump before and after the relevant items. For hydraulic oil, select the specified type of hydraulic oil and regularly change the oil in the hydraulic system.

  The chassis of the small concrete delivery pump is part of the pump truck, which is expensive and has a high maintenance cost during use. A good chassis is an important part of ensuring that the work of the pump truck is officially started and that the employees are alive. So be extra careful when buying.

  For the pump chassis, it depends on the engine power and torque, fuel consumption, tires, frame, driving comfort and chassis emission standards. In addition to chassis performance and the chassis manufacturer's timely maintenance support and supply of spare parts, users should also take into account local emission requirements, the buyer's financial strength and the full capacity for transportation. The higher the degree of demand, the greater the workload of the pump truck, the higher the demand for reliability.

  The trumpet of the small concrete pump is a small part of the car, it is easy to damage, so in the use of special care. So, what causes the concrete pump truck horn failure?

  Seals are loose and prone to moisture: although the interior of the pump truck is sealed, if the seals are not cleaned, the pump truck will enter the mist or have water vapor space in the air inside.




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