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What are the methods to improve the efficiency of concrete pump truck construction

  Concrete pump because of its own high pressure, strong power to pump concrete, greatly improve the efficiency of concrete pumping operations, then how to ensure the efficient construction of concrete pumps in use? According to the product characteristics and rich on-site construction experience, summarized the following points for the user friends reference:

  1. Concrete pump must be added screen. Many customers use concrete pumps when the screen is lost, stolen continue to use and do not buy new screen. Often get away with several successful pumping operation will think that the screen is rib accessories, dispensable. In fact, after years of production experience and continuous improvement, each part plays its own role. As the first barrier for large stones, the screen may not be used if the quality of the concrete is high, but becomes especially useful when the concrete stones are large because of the screen, can effectively avoid blocking pipe, thus greatly improving the construction efficiency.

  2. Second, the hopper must be left with a certain amount of concrete, to avoid the transmission pipeline into the air. Once the air enters into the pipe, it is easy to cause the backflow of the concrete during the pumping operation, which will seriously affect the construction efficiency, to immediately click the anti-pump button, repeatedly click three to four times, you can solve this problem.

  As long as strictly in accordance with the concrete pump operating instructions, the concrete pump can basically achieve efficient trouble-free construction.




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