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Small concrete pump trucks require regular maintenance of equipment

  The use of this process requires attention to check the overall condition of the small concrete pump truck. There is no need to check the plunger stroke allowance. Many people do not pay attention to checking the travel tolerance of plungers during the running of small concrete pump trucks. So it's easy to get into a lot of trouble. Small concrete pump trucks shall be maintained during operation. Wrong maintenance methods will not only reduce the quality of small-scale concrete pump truck, but also seriously damage some parts, greatly reducing the service life of small-scale concrete pump truck.

  Small concrete pump truck should change the engine oil from time to time. If the small concrete pump truck is not open or in a stopped state, it is recommended that every six months to replace the oil, so that the use of time may last for a long time. Small concrete pump trucks also need to change the oil filter from time to time. The function of oil filter is to filter impurities, so oil should be used instead. If not replaced, the oil will not filter, resulting in small concrete pump car engine internal components due to impurities in the oil and accelerated wear.

  In the small concrete pump truck maintenance process, first of all, we should pay attention to prohibit the addition of small concrete pump truck oil. In general, under normal circumstances, the loss of oil is not very large, but easy to cause pollution, loss of protection of diesel engines. The role of small concrete pump truck, after a period of time, it is necessary to replace the above oil.

  In the use of small concrete pump truck process, need to pay special attention to some details. Only pay attention to these, can the normal use of small concrete pump truck. In the use of small concrete pump trucks, but also the need for regular maintenance of equipment.




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