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What if the pump truck remote doesn't work?

  As a common tool in the construction, after using for a period of time, or due to improper operation of the operator may cause some failures, once these phenomena, it is recommended that the operator pay attention to, timely processing, this can effectively reduce the occurrence of accidents in the construction. The electric failure of pump truck can be divided into the failure of remote control and the complete failure of electric system.

  The remote doesn’t work

  If the remote control fails at the construction site, there are many reasons, such as the remote control battery is dead, the“Remote control/local machine” operation switch on the panel of the electrical control box is misoperated; The emergency stop switch was unintentionally pressed and so on. In the exclusion of the above reasons, for the remote control of its own problems, you can switch the pump to a“Running” state, extinguish the engine, and then restart. If it doesn't work once, start it twice, three times or more. Generally speaking, after many times, the pump truck remote control can continue to operate the use.

  On the use of the pump truck wireless remote control system on the“Failure”(frequency interference) that the pump truck wireless remote control system belongs to the category of industrial wireless remote control system, because the air wireless interference source distribution is too wide, there are too many distractions. In particular, some large-scale construction projects, more walkie-talkies, and concentration, remote control of the pump is inevitably subject to the surrounding environment interference.

  Handling failure after multiple switches

  If the Radio control is still not working after all these operations, then switch the remote controllocator on the electrical control box to the locator state, use the reverse pump switch on the small electrical control box next to the mixing hopper to wash the pump, and then wait for trouble shooting. Or wired remote control connected to the electrical control box, the car wired function operation.

  The electrical system failed completely

  In the wired remote control and wireless remote control all failure of the case, this time can only be manually operated pump truck control valve block to reverse the pump, the concrete from the pump truck pipe out. Generally, the pump truck is equipped with manual control device, which is convenient for the user to use in the emergency of the pump truck. First, open the discharge valve under the hopper and discharge the concrete in the hopper; place a wet sponge ball in the tailpipe and manually operate the cloth stem valve block, press the reverse pump button on the control valve block at the same time as the reverse pump button on the control valve block, then press a button on the control valve block to reverse the main cylinder, wait to hear the pump“Chirp” sound, release the switch button, and then press the control valve block on the other switch button, such repeated operation, until the concrete from the pump truck out of all.

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