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How's the concrete pump working? See whether these parts have good maintenance

  In the concrete construction machinery, the production technology of the concrete pump truck is high, and the construction intensity of the domestic construction site is often high, which requires the pump truck boom, the hydraulic system to be extremely high, and also requires the pump truck to have the good stability. Therefore, it is necessary to check the performance of equipment and equipment maintenance, so that the pump always in the best working condition. In particular, some important parts of the maintenance, need to pay attention to. You know what the important part is? Let's study together.

  Maintenance of boom, bracket and turntable

  The joints of each arm, the connecting pin shaft, the connecting shaft of the four legs and the support, and the turntable are specially designed with oil nozzles. 

  The general requirement in every 60 hours to the lubrication point (butter nozzle) oiling, should be manually oiling the butter nozzle, until the oil spill, or will be contaminated by the internal grease completely extruded.

  Concrete the piston

  There is no abrasion on the surface of the conveyer cylinder and no concrete slurry or sand in the back end of the concrete piston, indicating that the piston is worn and needs to be replaced immediately with the concrete seal, guide ring and Dust Ring. Since the piston can be returned to the pumping system tank by a simple operation on the control panel, the piston should be checked out frequently. In addition, the piston back to the water tank, the piston on the concrete seals and guide ring should be clean, and should be coated with lithium grease lubrication, to effectively extend the service life of the piston.

  Rotary reducer

  The Gear Oil of the rotary reducer is changed every 500 hours, and all the gear surfaces of the rotary reducer are lubricated with butter for 3 months. If dirt is found on the gear surfaces during the inspection, it should be removed immediately, to prevent damage to the gear, resulting in downtime repair costs of the loss. It should be noted that the rotary bearings are lubricated weekly by the injection of butter through the refueling nozzles on the refueling stand; if loose fastening nuts and bolts are found, they should be replaced immediately and no further work is allowed, to prevent accidents.

  Daily drainage work of hydraulic oil tank

  It's easy to do every day, but many people don't do it. When the pump truck is working, through the concrete cylinder water tank, or is cleaning the pump truck, it is possible to bring water into the hydraulic oil, into the hydraulic oil tank. However, the water after static electricity, precipitation in the hydraulic tank, the requirement of the outlet under the tank to discharge water. Long-term do not drain, the water in the tank will be more and more likely to result in hydraulic oil emulsion, but also lead to equipment performance decline. So, don't take this step lightly, it can go a long way.

  Lubrication system

  At present, all the pump trucks have adopted the automatic lubrication system, when the pump truck works, the lubrication system also works synchronously, which ensures the lubrication of mixing, large and small terminals, and concrete pistons, thus prolonging the service life of the vulnerable parts in these parts. Therefore, in the lubrication system work, must ensure that the lubrication oil tank has enough grease, and ensure that every lubrication point can work properly. In addition, at the end of each work, it is best to manually start lubrication, the above-mentioned parts of re-lubrication, to ensure that the next work, lubrication parts of the internal grease will not be contaminated. 

  The above places on the daily work of concrete pump truck is very important, but also easy to be ignored in the hope of a better understanding of the concrete pump truck, do a good job in the maintenance of the pump truck.




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