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How to protect the concrete pump truck at rest?

  Concrete pump truck in the market attention, its operation is getting longer and longer in order to catch up with the schedule, concrete pump truck no day and night work, the final schedule is completed. However, the concrete pump truck was abandoned. Why in the work at the same time, our maintenance must be followed up immediately. Otherwise, can not be motionless protection. Of course, this batch of concrete pump truck work after 24 hours can be replaced by the next batch of equipment to work. This can reduce the loss of equipment, many people concerned about the use of concrete pump truck operating conditions. However, little attention is paid to the correct method of concrete pump storage when the truck is idle. In fact, attention to this point can avoid construction problems.

  It is reported that when the concrete pump truck is idle, how to store it correctly is the knowledge that all users should master. For some reason, it is not used for a long time, or after the completion of a project, it is necessary to store these mechanical equipment for a long time, it is very important to pay attention to certain storage skills. You can start from the following aspects.

  1. Concrete pump truck idle, generally should be parked in the dry room. If you have to stay outside, you should choose a flat floor with planks.

  2. After the concrete pump truck is parked, cover it with cover cloth. Before long-term storage, the machine must be maintained and repair the damaged parts, and thoroughly cleaned to maintain good technical status.

  3. The arrangement and arrangement of concrete pump trucks at the airport shall ensure that the access of any machine is not affected by other machines.

 4. The fuel control rods of the concrete pump truck machinery shall be placed in the idle position, and each control rod shall be placed in the neutral position.

  The use of concrete pump trucks has greatly improved our work efficiency and speed up the construction schedule, but any equipment must be maintained in order to recycle, otherwise like disposable items, it's not worth it to lose it if it breaks.



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