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What should the safety operation of small pump truck pay attention to?

  The small pump truck is a kind of mechanical equipment commonly used in the present construction. In daily life, the small pump truck must be operated according to the use specifications of the small pump truck. Can greatly reduce the occurrence of hidden dangers in the construction process. Then small pump truck safety operation should pay attention to what? Specifically, the following points should be carried out.

  1. Placement specifications

  When a small pump truck stops, you should pay attention to the smooth and firm position, there is no obstacle around, and there is no high-voltage power line overhead. In addition, the small pump truck should not be parked on the slope, support legs should be raised to maintain the level and stability of the fuselage, while the small pump truck should turn on the stop lights to avoid collision.

  2. Pumping rules

  If the temperature of hydraulic oil is below 15 °C before pumping, the oil temperature should be raised by prolonging the idling time of the small pump truck. In the pumping process should pay attention to check the operation of the pump and mixing device, monitor the instruments and indicator lights, find abnormal, should be timely shutdown treatment.

  3. Hopper treatment

  The concrete surface in the hopper of the small pump truck should be kept above the center line of the mixing shaft. During the operation, the grid on the hopper should not be removed, and the unqualified aggregates or sundries should be removed in time, if the process is not effective, the pipe should be removed and cleaned.

   4. Post-job processing

  After the operation, the concrete in the pipe and hopper should be output completely, and the hopper and pipe should be washed at the same time, hydraulic system should be unloaded and retracted outrigger, while the car parked in a safe area, closed windows and doors, and the winter should be stored water.



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