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Regular maintenance list for concrete pump truck

  As long as it is the production processing installation of parts, there are geometric graphics and the size of the error with each other. In application, it is easy to make the original fixed parts loose because of damage, vibration and other alternating load, as well as thermal deformation and other factors. For example, the retractable arm of a concrete pump truck, the numerical control punch, the supporting feet, and the rotating parts of a concrete pump truck chassis are all filled with unsalted butter.

  The first time the oil is filled must be sufficient, and then twice a month, the fourth arm or fifth arm plug rod. In addition, two liters of lithium-based grease, or waste oil, winter, summer, add, a certain amount of soap powder or detergent, improve the piston rod lubrication. Switch according to the situation. Because of the poor working conditions of the concrete pump truck, the alternation of the bearing capacity and strong vibration of the straw in the underwater concrete operation may lead to the looseness of the connection or the crack of the welding, therefore, the detection of concrete pump truck structure is very important. The firmness between the connecting piece and the supporting piece, the chassis, the underwater concrete module, the water storage tank, the decelerating transmission gear, the mixing organization and the concrete conveying pipeline thereof.




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